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    Because everyone is there, I can do my best!

    Zans Corporation

  • Please enjoy the pleasure of working with your dependable friends ♪ «Dragon dumplings Ryuo Ryuu Shinjuku store»

  • Dragon King

    \ To those who want to realize a dream, to those who want to find a dream! / Our company has representatives including representatives, freeters and many who have experienced days without work, so there is understanding in the dreams of the staff. For enthusiastically-appointed staff, you can forgive me "OK while showing in the office"! Education and experience are absolutely no problem! There are New Year's, winter · summer vacation, so I can drive in as much as I want to do! Employee dormitories and family allowances We support you fully in terms of money, etc. Let's make your dreams come true! Dragon Dumpling Ryuo Ryuu Shinjuku Store Working shop! Popular Chinese food that can enjoy hot Chinese food and sake as well as rich variety of dumplings Bal! There are plenty of all-you-can-eat courses and more ♪

    One minute on foot from Seibu Shinjuku Station

    «Treatment · Benefits»

    [Employee 1] Monthly wage of 250,000 yen or more (closed on Monday 6th)
    [Employee 2] Monthly salary of over 230,000 yen (closed on Monday 8th)
    [Employee 3] Monthly salary of 200,000 yen or more (10th day off)
    [Employee 4] Over 300,000 candidates for manager
    [AP] Hourly 1,000 yen ~ 1,312 yen or more ※ day payment available

    [Employee 1-4] Raising yearly bonus · Bonuses once a year
    [All] Transportation expenses provision payment (up to 20,000 yen monthly)
    [Employee 1-4] Social insurance
    [Total] Muffered Yes
    [All] employee travel available ※ Participation free
    [All] clothing / hair style freedom
    [Employee 1-4] Trial period Yes
    [Employee 1-4] Employee dormitory ownership
    [Employee 1-4] Family allowance Yes (spouse: 10,000 yen, one child: 5000 yen)
    [Employee 1-4] Participation assistance for various seminars / training etc.
    [Employee 1-4] New Year · Winter · Summer vacation available

    For detailed recruitment requirements to hiring page